Class 2 Social Security Contributions
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Class 2 Social Security Contributions

​​Class Two Contributions are to be paid by all individuals who derive income of more than €910 from an economic activity and who are not employed.

The Social Security Act defines two categories of persons that are required to pay Class 2 Contributions as follows:

Self Occupied Persons - persons who earn income from Trade, Business, Profession, Vocation or any other economic activity that exceeds €910 per annum.

Self Employed Persons - persons who receive income from rents, investments, capital gains or any other income.

Rates for Class Two Social Security Contributions are based on the annual net profit or income for the year preceding the contribution payment year.




                                   Annual Net Income  €                                              Applies To
Category From To Weekly Rate Full Time Farmers(2) Self Employed Self Occupied
SP* 1,005 8,500 24.52 n/a tick.png cross.png
*The SP rate applies only to single persons who are not self occupied.
SA 910 9,960 28.73(1) 19.15 tick.png tick.png
1 €28.73 or 15% of the annual net earnings if the person is a part - time self - employed woman whose annual net earnings do not exceed €9,960 (see NOTE 1 at the bottom of the page)
Persons born up to 31st December 1961
SB 9,961 17,933 15% 10% tick.png tick.png
SC 17,934 n/a 51.73 34.49 tick.png tick.png
Persons born from 1st January 1962 onwards
SB 9,961 22,138 15% 10% tick.png tick.png
SC 22,139 n/a 63.86 42.57 tick.png tick.png

NOTE 1: If the insured person elects to pay a contribution that is less than €28.73, such contribution may, if the person qualifies for a contributory benefit or a contributary pension, result in the payment of a reduced contributory benefit or contributory pension.
2 This reduced rate is applicable for full-time farmers as identifed by the Department of Agriculture.

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