Applying for a permit to buy immovable property
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Applying for a permit to buy immovable property

Last Updated: 06/05/2022

Documents Required

Permits are issued to applicants who fulfil several conditions and provide a number of supporting documents.​

All applicants need to:

1.       Fill the AIP application form completely.

2.       Produce a copy of the promise of sale or preliminary agreement of the immovable property being acquired, if entered into.

First-Time Applicants

Applicants who have never applied for an AIP permit also need to provide the following:

1.       Produce two coloured passport-size photographs.

2.       Produce a photocopy of their passport showing applicant's particulars.

Applying for AIP Permit on Subsequent Property Purchase

Applicants seeking to apply for an AIP permit on a subsequent immovable property purchases must provide additional information with their application. Applicants who have already owned Immovable Property in the past must produce a copy of the deed of sale of previous immovable property owned by the applicant and submit it with their application. A copy of the deed must be submitted before a new AIP permit can be issued. Non-residents are only permitted to own one immovable property in Malta. No restrictions apply to the ownership of immovable property located in Special Designated Areas.

Limited liability Companies or Other Body of Persons who require an AIP Permit

In certain circumstances, acquisitions of immovable property located in Malta by companies and other body of persons may require an AIP permit. Companies owned and controlled by EU citizens and commercial partnerships meeting minimum shareholding requirements can freely purchase immovable property in Malta. Others requiring a permit must provide the following documents with their AIP application:  

1.       Produce Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company.

2.       Give details of shareholding directors.

3.      Produce evidence showing that the purpose of the company is for the development of the economy of Malta.

Approval of Application

When the application is approved, the applicant or mandatory will be informed by a notice in writing. The applicant will then be issued with a permit against a payment of €233. The applicant may then enter into a contractual agreement to buy the immovable property attaching the AIP permit with the promise of sale and final deed of transfer.

Application Forms

Click on the following links for:

·         Application Form For Individuals

·         Application Form For Companies / Bodies of Persons​