Acquisition of Immovable Property - FAQ
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Acquisition of Immovable Property - FAQ

Last updated: 23/05/2022

1.    What is the procedure to purchase immovable property in Malta?

 When a prospective buyer identifies the immovable property they wish to purchase, both the buyer and the seller will enter into a promissory sale agreement. This is a preliminary agreement upon which a deposit is paid by the buyer to secure the property and is generally made subject to certain conditions being meet, including that property searches confirm ownership and right of transfer by the vendor. When applying for an AIP permit, a copy of this agreement should be attached to the AIP application form. 

Download application form for individuals.
Download application form for companies / bodies of persons.

2.    How long does it take for an application to be processed?

 In accordance with a Quality Service Charter, the AIP Section is committed to issue the requested permit within 35 days on condition that the application being submitted is complete and correct. It is therefore important that if you have any queries about completing your application any issues should be raised immediately with the Section.

3.    What do I need to submit with an application to acquire immovable property in Malta?

 You need to attach the following documents with the relative application form duly filled in:

a)       two passport sized photos

b)      copy of promise of sale

c)       photocopy of information page of valid passport

4.    What are the fees for an AIP Permit?

The fee payable on the issue of a permit is € 233 and is independent of the value of the property being transferred.

5.    What is the minimum property price that a non-resident must spend to purchase immovable property in Malta to qualify for an AIP permit?

In order for an AIP Permit to be granted, applicants must meet minimum property values. The minimum price is € €143,410 for the purchase of a flat or maisonette and € €247,701 for the purchase of any other immovable property (LN 308/2021: Immovable Property Price Index). Values are updated annually to reflect inflation rates pertinent to the sector. 

6. Are there any conditions imposed on the permit?

 There are a number of conditions that AIP applicants must fulfil in order to be granted a permit. In addition to minimum property values, an AIP applicant must also meet the following conditions:

·         immovable property is to be used for residential purposes

·         a copy of the notarial final deed is to be submitted to the AIP section after its publication

·         that the immovable property may not be sold in part, or otherwise into more than one dwelling house.

7. Can I rent my immovable property to third parties?

Property acquired by AIP permit must be used for residential purposes and therefore cannot be rented out.

8. Can I acquire more than one immovable property in Malta?

As a non-resident, you are allowed to purchase only one immovable property in Malta unless it is situated in Designated Special Areas.

9. Who are the persons who need to apply for an AIP Permit?

There are several considerations that must be reviewed before buying immovable property in Malta. 
Click on the following link to review Conditions for Buying Immovable Property.