Tax Compliance
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Tax Compliance

​Tax Compliance

Tax enforcement is every tax authority’s greatest challenge and needs to be addressed strategically in as efficient a manner as possible, through the best possible use of available resources such as personnel and information. As it is not possible to completely eliminate tax evasion, it is of utmost importance to keep the level of evasion under control. Increases in the level of evasion can threaten the integrity of the tax system. In particular, tax evasion undermines the ability of the government to raise revenue in an equitable and efficient manner. Individuals and businesses that evade tax in effect shift their tax burden onto those taxpayers who comply with their tax obligations. This shift results in an inequitable distribution of the tax burden, and puts at a disadvantage those businesses that choose to comply with their tax obligations.

The Unit's Compliance section comprises Tax Audits teams. These teams are responsible for actual accomplishment of enquiries / audits, as the case may be, on selected taxpayers.

Tax Audits
Tax audits of selected taxpayers are carried out on a holistic basis and include investigations for evasion and/or avoidance of VAT, Income Tax, Customs Duties, as well as Social Security abuse where applicable. Tax Audits referred to the Tax Compliance Unit generally require a high degree of expertise in auditing, accounting and the relative tax legislation, due to their more complex nature. The results of the tax audits together with recommended assessments where applicable, are passed on to the respective Tax Departments for further action. Where applicable, findings will also be referred to the Comptroller of Customs and the Director of Social Security for further necessary action.
This Unit is made up of a number of Audit Teams each managed by a Senior Tax Auditor.