Receiving of Contracts
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Receiving of Contracts

1)    Is Schedule 8 required for an airspace?
No, a Schedule 8 is not required for an air space.  Schedule 8 is only required for residential property.
2)    Is a copy of the Causa Mortis required when I present a Sale deriving from inheritance?
No, if the copy of Deed of Causa Mortis was already filed, there is no need to file it again.
3)    For Liquidation Deed of a company whereby immovable property is being transferred to its shareholder, is a Land Registry Plan needed when submitting the tax forms?
If a full exemption of any kind is issued by the Department or the Commissioner for Revenue regarding the transfer, then a Land Registry Plan is not required.
4)    Do you accept the Share Transfer forms if neither of the triplicate forms is an ‘Original’?
No, it is not acceptable.
5)    If a Rule 10 is required and the selling Tax Payer has arrears to settle before the deed is done, do the arrears have to be settled at the CTD Offices?
Arrears indicated on a Rule 10 have to be paid via Online Payment on the IRD website within the stipulated time limit indicated on Rule 10.
6)    Do I need a Land Registry Plan/Schedule 8 were the Government/Government entities are involved as either of the parties?
No, in such cases it is not required.