VAT Online Services (e-ID required)
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VAT Online Services (e-ID required)

Last Updated: 24/05/2023

The following applications can all be submitted online through the CfR’s eService facility. An e-ID is required to access the CfR’s online services. If you wish to learn more about how to apply for an e-ID please click on the following link​.  ​

Submit ​VAT Declaration/Return
Submit ​Notice of Payment
Submit ​VAT Correction
​Submit an Application for VAT Refund (8th Directive)
​Submit Recapitulative Declaration​
​Submit ECO on Accomodation Return​
​Debit/Credit Card Payments​​
​VAT Tax Period Statement
​VAT Global Statement
​Recapitulative Statement
​Call-off Stock
​Request for Change of Register Type
​Request for VAT De-Registration
​​Request for Change/Add Economic Activity
​​Reprint of VAT Certificate and Information Sheet
​Change of Mailing and Business Address
​Change/Add Business Branch

​Change Employment Basis 
​My Account

The Office of the Commissioner for Revenue will issue an acknowledgment for all the above VAT Online services.

    Vat Online Services for Maltese ID card holders.
    A taxpayer or a taxable person who is a physical person may submit online forms in connection with his own personal tax and VAT affairs using his personal e-ID only by using the Personal Services below. He may, instead, appoint a representative to file electronic forms on his behalf and use the Assigned and Delegated Services below. 
    If a taxpayer or a taxable person is a company, partnership or other legal person, it can only file forms electronically by using the  Assigned and Delegated Services below, 
    if it has first appointed a representative for this purpose using the appropriate forms which can be downloaded here​.

    Personal Services​

    Basic e-ID login ​(​e-ID username and pa​ssword​).


    Assigned or Delegated Services

    Sign-in using your e-ID ​​username and password and either an app on your phone or​​ the digital certificate on your ID Card ​(you wi​ll need a card re​​ader). 
    Please refer to this guide​​​for more information and guidance.​ 
    Please refer to this guide​ to change phone within the two factor authenticator​.


    Access Manager For Tax Representatives with Sub-Users 

    A Tax representative assigned as an Access Manager, as per the CFR01 form (Registration as Tax Representative), can make use of the Access Manager Portal to assign clients services to sub users.​
    (E-Id login and password)​
    Guidelines how to use the Access Manager Portal can be downloaded here.


    Vat Online Services for non-Maltese ID card holders.

    In general access to the VAT On-Line services outside the e-ID system is given where a person cannot be issued with an e-ID.  For more information please click here​​.​



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