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VAT Online Form 1

Application by Taxpayer acting on own behalf and authorization of own Users to access the Malta VAT online services, the One Stop Shop Scheme and the CESOP.

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I am applying for services to submit the following

I oblige myself to inform the Malta Tax and Customs Administration within seven days from the happening of any changes in circumstances regarding taxpayer and user details including a change in digital certificate.

I am attaching a recently signed and dated copy of my ID Card/Passport which is currently not expired.

Please upload copy of ID Card or Passport:*   

Furthermore I confirm that I am not in possession of a valid Identity Card issued by the Government of Malta and that I shall be accessing the VAT Department web portal solely through credentials issued by the Malta Tax and Customs Administration.

The Malta Tax and Customs Administration reserves the right, at any time and without prior notification, to revoke the rights granted under this application if there is reason to believe that such rights are being exercised in a fraudulent or abusive manner.

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1. An identity verification process is required and the forms must be accompanied by the indicated identity documents.

2. The VAT number is required if country of Taxpayer is a Member state of the European Union.

3. The Company/Partnership registration number is required where country is not a member state of the European Union.

The Commissioner for Revenue will use the information provided, to process this form in accordance with the Revenue Acts. We may check information provided by you, or information about you provided by a third party, with other information held by us. We will not disclose information about you to anyone outside these Departments unless permitted by law. The Revenue Departments treat your personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2001 (Cap 440) to protect your privacy. Any queries may be addressed to the Data Controller, Office of the Commissioner for Revenue