Investment Income Report
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Investment Income Report

What is Investment Income? 

Article 41 of the Income Tax Act (Chap. 123) defines investment income as any income paid by a payor in respect of specific categories of investment income. Investment income includes bank interest, interest, discounts, or premiums payable by the Government of Malta, or any agency, corporations or authorities. It also includes similar payments made as a result of a public or private issue by a company, entity or other legal person, whether resident in Malta or otherwise. Capital gains also fall within the definition of investment income and refers to specific income arising from the disposal of shares or units in a collective investment scheme, although exclusions apply in the case of the latter. Further details and a complete list of what falls within the definition of investment income can be found in Article 41 of the Income Tax Act. 

Obligation to File Annual Report 

In terms of article 34(2) of the Income Tax Act (Chap. 123), an investment income payor has an obligation to render an account to the Commissioner of all payments of investment income made during any year. The payor is requested to submit two reports, the report of recipients who elected to be paid without deduction of tax and a report of those recipients who were paid net of the withholding tax. 

Required Format and Submission of Annual Report

The Office of the Commissioner for Revenue has produced a document that specifies the details and format that should be used to submit the investment income provisions reports to the same. This document has been produced to help you to submit your Investment Income Payor Data online in a complete and correct manner. Click on the following link​​ to access the full report.