How to Submit Individual Savings Account Reports
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How to Submit Individual Savings Account Reports

​Document Description

This document specifies the details and format that should be used to submit the Individual Savings Account report to the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue.

This report as requested in terms of Rule 5 of the Individual Savings Account Rules (S.L.123.164) and should include all those individuals whose savings accounts qualify as ISA.
Your data is to be completed and submitted to the CFR by not later than 31st January following the year for which the payment has been made.
Table of Contents
1.       Introduction
2.       Data Required
3.       Additional Information
4.       Submission of the report
5.       Online Filing
·         Step 1 – Register within the CfR’s online services
·         Step 2 – Register for an e-ID
·         Step 3 – 2-Factor authentication
·         Step 4 – Submitting Your Data
6.       Method A – Submitting Your Data Using the Personalised Spreadsheet
7.       Method B – Importing your data file into the spreadsheet
8.       Data File Specifications
·         File Name
·         General Remarks
·         File Maintenance
·         Record Layouts
·         Header Record
·         Example Payor Header Record
·         Recipients and Investment income Details
·         Example of Recipients and Investment Income details
9.       For further information