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Application for Pro-Rata SSC Class II Rate

The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required


*The full-time student should have not reached the age of 24 and is a part-time self-occupied person)

I also declare that I would like to apply for the pro-rata rate of 15% of my annual net earnings for the years indicated below:

(The Basis Year From should be
  • Not less than 2011 for females
  • Not less than 2017 for students
  • Not less than 2018 for pensioners)

(The Basis Year To should be left blank if indefinite)

Please Upload the Declaration Form  

The Commissioner for Revenue will use the information provided, to process this form in accordance with the Revenue Acts. We may check information provided by you, or information about you provided by a third party, with other information held by us. We will not disclose information about you to anyone outside these Departments unless permitted by law. The Revenue Departments treat your personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2001 (Cap 440) to protect your privacy. Any queries may be addressed to the Data Controller, Office of the Commissioner for Revenue

​​Please print and sign this declaration form and upload in the 'Pro-Rata SSC Class II Rate' online application form.