Online Payments
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Online Payments

The Inland Revenue receives payment over the Internet for
  • Self Assessment
  • Settlement Tax
  • Tax Arrears
  • Provisional Tax
  • Social Security Contributions

by taxpayers who receive payment claims with the Payment Reference Number information on the relevant forms.

The Inland Revenue encourages the use of this service so that taxpayers need not call and queue at the Department Cash Office or send a cheque with the risk of incurring Additional Taxes if the payment does not arrive in time.

To effect payment, all one has to do is key in the 'Payment Reference' that has been printed on the relative form into the appropriate field on the on-line payment page of the Inland Revenue web site.

The 'Payment Reference' has been designed to incorporate all the information relative to the payment to derive the Taxpayer Reference, Payment Type and the Period for which the payment is due. This method is easier and ensures that no mistakes are made in the input of the information. The website checks that the number is correct and displays all the details of the payment.

Once the payment is done, the site returns a transaction reference of the payment that must be quoted for any queries on that particular payment. Those users who provide an e-mail address are immediately notified by an e-mail with the payment details and the transaction reference. The department will also issue the formal receipt by normal post.You can pay on-line either through the Government Payment Gateway or through Internet Banking, especially if the payment due exceeds your card limit.